Friday, July 25, 2014

Update: Magnuson Park tree-cutting incident

Here is a follow up  to the story of a parks volunteer facing criminal charges for inappropriate cutting of trees. Christopher Williams, the acting director of the Parks Department, met with the City Attorney's office and asked them to drop the charges. They have done so, the volunteer is no longer charged with a criminal act. I've reviewed our procedures in Lincoln Park and am confident that none of us are at risk of committing illegal acts, if we stick with our procedures. Thanks to Christopher Williams for his quick response on this, and thanks to all the park volunteers who advocated for our fellow volunteer.

Sharon Baker,
Volunteer Forest Steward,
Lincoln Park

Below are two letters from Christopher Williams today, the second containing a link to a statement from the City Attorney’s Office:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Williams, Christopher <>
Date: Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 10:30 AM
Subject: Magnuson Park tree-cutting incident
July 25, 2014

Dear Community Member:

Thank you for your letter about volunteer Kurt Zwar being charged with destruction of public property after several incidents of illegally cutting down trees in Magnuson Park.

Charge has been dismissed
I met with the City Attorney’s Office this week, and asked them to drop the charge against Mr. Zwar. They have agreed to do that.

How did we get here?
Parks staff encountered Mr. Zwar in the park illegally cutting down trees several times last year. Parks staff had serious concerns about his conduct and actions that led us to exclude him from the park.

Seattle Police, after investigating, believed the situation worthy of prosecution and forwarded the case file with a recommendation for prosecution by the City Attorney’s Office. The City Attorney’s Office assessed the information provided and agreed that Mr. Zwar should be charged.

In the time that has passed since then, Mr. Zwar has not visited the park or cut down any more trees. Since there have been no further incidents, we decided to request that the charges be dropped.

Volunteer relations 
Seattle parks benefit from the volunteer service of more than 40,000 individuals annually who donate more than 425,000 hours each year. We are deeply grateful for the positive partnership and contributions of volunteers over the decades. That includes the forest stewards who care for our natural areas. Their accomplishments are amazing. Working together, removing invasive plants and planting native ones, we now have 1,000 acres of natural areas undergoing restoration.

Seattle Parks staff have extensive experience with volunteers of all types. Staff and volunteers enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship as they work toward the same goals. The situation with Mr. Zwar, in which staff felt unsafe, was unprecedented.

We are honored that volunteers share their passion and skills and labor with us. We are indebted to them for the thousands of hours that they have poured into improving our parks system. And we regard their service to our community and our forests with the utmost respect.


Christopher Williams
Acting Superintendent, Seattle Parks and Recreation

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Williams, Christopher <>
Date: Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 11:48 AM
Subject: Magnuson Park tree-cutting case
Dear friends: I wanted to share with you a letter I just wrote to people who had written to me about this topic (see below).

In addition to the letter here is a link to the news release sent out today by the City Attorney’s Office:

Thanks for all that you do for Seattle Parks and Recreation!

My very best regards,

Christopher Williams
Acting Superintendent
Seattle Parks and Recreation

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Saturday Work Party, August 2

Greetings Friends of Lincoln Park! We've got a work party coming up and we could use your help! 
  • Saturday, August 2nd 9am to noon 
  • Meet at kiosk, north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St)
  • Long sleeves and pants, sturdy boots or shoes suggested 
Parks are in the news these days. Check it out on our blog, Parks Issues in the News!, or on our Facebook page, for information on an incident involving a volunteer at Discovery Park and information on the proposal to pilot test a bike course in Cheasty Greenspace. And don't forget to vote on the Park District issue! Sharon

Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
Friends of Lincoln Park

Parks Issues in the News!

Wanted to update you all on some recent happenings that relate to the work we do at FLiP.

There was a column by Danny Westneat in the Seattle Times yesterday, about a well known volunteer at Magnuson Park who is facing criminal charges because he was cutting down invasive trees. The Forest Steward is solidly behind the volunteer. What makes this especially troubling is that the charges were brought by the city at the request of Seattle Parks. While it sounds as if the volunteer was far more vigorous in his efforts than we are in Lincoln Park, it's unlikely his activity rose to the level of criminal behavior.

There has been a good deal of controversy surrounding the mountain bike pilot proposed for Cheasty Greenspace on Beacon Hill. Cheasty is a designated natural area, and the issue has divided the community. The Seattle Nature Alliance, which began after the Parks zipline in Lincoln Park fiasco two years ago, recently came out with a position statement (pdf) in opposition to the mountain bike proposal. Seattle Magazine just ran a story about the controversy, A Plan for a Mountain Bike Trail is Creating Divisions, and the Seattle Times will be doing an article about it in the next few days.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sunday work party, July 20

Greetings Friends of Lincoln Park! We have a maintenance work party coming up soon. We will be removing recent (and missed) invasive plants from areas we have previously done invasive removal. 

  • Sunday, July 20th, 9am to noon
  • Meet at kiosk in north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St)
  • Long sleeves and pants suggested, wear sturdy shoes or boots

The weather forecast is good, cool and partial sun, so come out and earn your green karma! It's a great family activity. Sharon
Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
Friends of Lincoln Park
206.464.1068 cell

Friday, June 27, 2014

Saturday work party, July 5th

Greetings Friends of Lincoln Park! Fourth of July weekend is a great time to "liberate" some of the native plants in Lincoln Park from the tyranny of invasive plants. We've got lots of work to do. And it's fun, healthy and worthwhile work.
  •  Saturday, July 5th, 9am to noon
  • Meet at the north parking lot kiosk (Fauntleroy Way SW & SW Rose St)
  • Long sleeves and long pants, with boots or sturdy shoes suggested
Below is an article from a book by David Williams. He talks about the Seattle natural environment before European settlement. Fascinating! 

Also, we have Richard Droker's photos of the magnificent phantom orchids in Lincoln Park on our blog. Check them out! 

See you Saturday, the 5th! Sharon
Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
Friends of Lincoln Park

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

School's out for summer!

 Something for the kids from the Green Seattle Partnership newsletter:


There is nothing like soaking up some Vitamin D on a warm summer day in the woods.  You don’t have to go far to find an experience with nature right here in Seattle.  With school out, forest restoration work parties are a great outdoor activity for the family.  Research supports that spending time outdoors can help children (and adults) with physical, mental, and cognitive health. More on the health benefits to kids spending time outdoors.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sunday work party

Greetings Friends of Lincoln Park, a bit of slippage here! It's one of those months when the first Saturday is a week before the third Sunday and I wasn't  focused. Sorry for the late notice, but we've got a lot of work to do in Lincoln Park TOMORROW!  It's maintenance Sunday. We'll have something for everyone, from blackberries to stinky bob. It's a great way to help your kids learn to be stewards of nature! 

 Sunday, June 15th 9am to noon
 Meet at the kiosk in the north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St)
 Long sleeves and pants recommended, with sturdy boots or shoes (and rain coat)

We've put a lot of forest into restoration, and that means we have lots of maintenance to do. I'm thinking we should make some of our Saturday work parties maintenance too, to try to catch up. Lots to do! Sharon

Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
206.464.1068 cell