Thursday, December 5, 2013

Call To Action for ALL GSP Forest Stewards!

Hey Friends of Lincoln Park, the Park Legacy Committee is currently making recommendations for ongoing park funding and they are proposing less than full funding for the Green Seattle Partnership (our "Mother Ship").  The committee is counting the number of e mails they get for each program and so far there are 8 for Green Seattle Partnership and 148 for new turf for the Magnolia Playground. We have to do better! Please see Andrea's e mail below and send a personal note to the Legacy Committee. West Seattle can do it! Thanks, Sharon
Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
206.464.1068 cell

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From: Andrea Mojzak
Date: Wed, Dec 4, 2013 at 11:12 AM
Subject: Call To Action for ALL GSP Forest Stewards!
Good morning Forest Stewards,

I think many of you may have already received an email from my colleague, Weston Brinkley, about the funding through the Parks Legacy Plan. We need to make sure that GSP is written into the Parks Legacy Plan budget at the appropriate level so that we can continue the program to restore all 2,500 acres of forested parklands in Seattle.  I want to encourage every single Forest Steward and volunteer to write an email TODAY to the committee to request the FULL funding, 3.6 million annually,  needed to operate the Green Seattle Partnership.

If you need chips delivered, plants delivered, NAC support , tools, joboxes, crew time for steep slopes, EarthCorps events, site visits or advice from friendly Parks staff- then this funding is critical to your restoration work! This funding also supports the crew time to restore parks where there isn’t a dedicated Forest Steward, or isn’t volunteer friendly- this work is so important!

Don’t be intimidated, as Parks volunteers they WANT to hear your opinion.  Here is a draft email you can use to make it easy, or use the information to write your own.  Please send it to  You can also CC:,  and BCC: to amplify your impact.

Gold star if you are willing to speak at one of the upcoming meetings in person at Miller Community Center. 
Thursday, December 5th at 6pm, or Thursday, December 12th  at 6pm.  Here are some speaking points that can help to have a clear message, as you only get 2 minutes to speak. Please email me if you are able to speak at either of these meetings.  Personal testimony is very persuasive.

MY CHALLENGE- the committee is keeping track of how MANY comments they get for each program, and right now there are 8 comments for funding GSP.  Not bad, but the Magnolia playfield has 148 comments to support getting new turf. We can do better than that.  So, please send an email, tell your volunteers to send an email. We need to make it known that funding forest restoration in Seattle is NOT negotiable!

Thank you for all the work your do in the forest, and for taking time at your computer to write to the Parks Legacy Committee.  Forest Stewards are the best volunteers in all of Seattle.
See you in the Parks!


Andrea Mojzak
Forterra | Green Cities Project Coordinator
Formerly Cascade Land Conservancy


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