Thursday, July 24, 2014

Parks Issues in the News!

Wanted to update you all on some recent happenings that relate to the work we do at FLiP.

There was a column by Danny Westneat in the Seattle Times yesterday, about a well known volunteer at Magnuson Park who is facing criminal charges because he was cutting down invasive trees. The Forest Steward is solidly behind the volunteer. What makes this especially troubling is that the charges were brought by the city at the request of Seattle Parks. While it sounds as if the volunteer was far more vigorous in his efforts than we are in Lincoln Park, it's unlikely his activity rose to the level of criminal behavior.

There has been a good deal of controversy surrounding the mountain bike pilot proposed for Cheasty Greenspace on Beacon Hill. Cheasty is a designated natural area, and the issue has divided the community. The Seattle Nature Alliance, which began after the Parks zipline in Lincoln Park fiasco two years ago, recently came out with a position statement (pdf) in opposition to the mountain bike proposal. Seattle Magazine just ran a story about the controversy, A Plan for a Mountain Bike Trail is Creating Divisions, and the Seattle Times will be doing an article about it in the next few days.

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