Saturday, September 27, 2014

Myers Parcels

From Cass Turnbull, founder of Plant Amnesty and TreePAC, news about some land not too far from Lincoln Park. Maps and more info at the end:
I have been distributing the flyer below  to homes near the Myers parcels. I do not have the page from the City’s report or map of the property digitized yet, but they were copied and included with the flyer. Please let the people you know that I am wanting to build a support group for Myers Park. We need to make a petition at the very least. Otherwise it will get sold quietly and  unfought for.

Greetings Good Neighbor,
Sorry for the intrusion, but I thought you’d like to know about some City owned open space near you that is likely to get sold for commercial development.

I’d like to see it become a Discovery Park South. That would make for a nice buffer between residential homes and the Duwamish industrial area,  improve our housing values,  give our kids a place to learn about nature, beautify our neighborhood, and contribute to the ecological health of our community.

It is made up of 5 properties, together called the Myers Parcels, which cover 38 acres in wooded hillsides, wetlands, and meadows. The land is located in the southeast part of West Seattle close to White Center, roughly between Myers Way S  and 2nd Ave SW, and Olson Place and SW 100th Street. Part of it, formerly the Joint Training Facility (9401 Myers Way South), is currently being used by the Fire Department. The City tried to sell that land to LOWES in 2007 but the deal flipped.

If you would like to see the land kept as a park, please email me and say so. I am collecting names and emails to give to the City Council so they know we are interested. Feel free to email me any questions or comments too. I will not barrage you with eco-spam or share your contact information with anybody.

Suggested words: ‘ Yes Cass, we would like to see the Myers parcels used as a park or tree bank.’ (then add your name and email)

Thanks for listening,
Cass Turnbull,,
or call me at work, 206-783-9093

The center of it is The Joint Training Facility, it has (or had two months ago) a sign on Myers Road I believe is the name of the street. There is a new retirement (Shag?) community in one corner. You can see hiway 509 from there. It is on the backside of a large West Seattle Park whose name escapes me. Folks may be able to google up a map with the words...Seattle FAS Myers....then scroll down the surplus property list to Myers, and open some of the fields. 

Myers Parcels  there are 4 or five properties—NOTE it is spelled Myers, not Meyers. They are administered by FAS not SCL, they are 23 acres or more.

PMA 4539 Myers A= 9403 2nd Ave SW, located west of joint training – wooded hillsides?
PMA 4540 Myers parcel B = 9501 Myers Way S, nice grass land? Just south of joint
PMA 4541 Myers parcel C= 9701 Myers Way S, far south
PMA 4542 = Myers parcel D 9600 Myers way S, across the big street, wooded slope?
PMA 4326 =  9401 Myers Way South,
They tried to sell this piece for $ 9 million to Lowes 2006 or 7, the deal flipped. Before that it was  The Joint Training Facility, which  became Surplus. Now, suddenly,  it is  ‘fully utilized’ by Fire Dept- it is the heart of the properties and already has the visitors center building and parking lot there—it’s just full of firemen is all.

And here’s much more info – scroll down a bit to “Myers Way Parcels”:


  1. In fact neither link at the bottom works correctly. They don't lead to anything about the Myers parcels.

  2. Brizone, sorry about the links not working. The city has redone its website in the last few months, so things are not where they once were. There is a map here, but you can't get to a larger version:

    I would suggest contacting Cass for more info

  3. Or, click on the last link in this post, and type myers way parcels in the search bar. You will then see several documents listed. Good luck