Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday Work Party, May 2, 2015

Greetings Friends of Lincoln Park. We've got a work party coming up.
  • Saturday, May 2, 9am to noon
  • Meet near the north parking lot kiosk (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St)
  • Dress in NW layers to stay warm and dry. Long sleeves and pants suggested for protection. Wear sturdy shoes or boots. 
We've got lots to do, ranging from pulling small weedy things through ivy and on to blackberry and holly. Pick your favorite!

UPDATE: Park visitors may have noticed that many social trails into the woods just west of the north parking lot have been blocked with logs and root wads. We are doing this because the forest just west of the parking lot is suffering from way too much traffic. You may have noticed lots of bare dirt and trampled plants. Hopefully, over the summer, with reduced traffic many of the plants will come back. Next fall, when it's time for planting, we'll fill in the holes and arrange the trails in a more workable way. Thanks much to the Parks Natural Area Crew for their careful, effective work! Sharon

Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
Friends of Lincoln Park
206.464.1068 cell

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