Sunday, July 26, 2015

Have You Seen the New Signs?

Hi Friends of Lincoln Park,

A couple of weeks ago there was a dedication of two beautiful new interpretive signs in Lincoln Park. They are an attempt to get at respect for our park and its flora/fauna in a different, perhaps softer way - not the traditional "No .... allowed!" kind of thing. If you point your phone at the QR code on the sign, it takes you here, to our blog!
We worked with Seattle Nature Alliance, which raised money to purchase the signs, and with Seattle Parks, which did the installation. Here we all are at our "dedication", with thanks to Patrick Robinson, from the West Seattle Herald, for taking the picture:
L-R: Carol Baker and Sandra DeMeritt (Parks), Sharon Baker (Friends of Lincoln Park), Denise Dahn, Mark Ahlness, Rebecca Watson (Seattle Nature Alliance), and Michael Yadrick (Parks/Green Seattle Partnership)
There are two of these signs - one at the north parking lot, and one at the NW corner of the south parking lot:
There was some media coverage, too, from the West Seattle Herald, and from the West Seattle Blog. There was also a post from the Seattle Nature Alliance.

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