Thursday, January 14, 2016

UW Capstone interns will be working in the park

We welcome Bethany Taylor and Celina Baker, both UW seniors in the Program on the Environment, as interns for winter quarter (January through mid-March)! They are both seeking careers in forest restoration and will be getting hands on experience by placing in restoration 2-3000 sq. ft. of invaded forest. They have chosen a site just west of the north parking lot, near our JoBox.

Volunteer forest steward, Sharon Baker, will be working with them every Saturday morning. They will each be working 8 hours a week in the park. In addition to their hands on work, they will be helping us by repeating the observational survey of off leash dog activity initiated by our intern last winter, Sam Timpe. Hopefully, the West Seattle Blog will publish their findings to document any ongoing changes in off leash dog activity in the park. Of course, we’re hoping to see a decrease with ongoing publicity about the issue. 
Sharon, Celina, and Bethany

Bethany and Celina will also be conducting their own research projects in conjunction with their hands on work. Bethany will be looking at factors associated with individual’s decision to volunteer for urban forest restoration work. This will be very valuable to us in tailoring our efforts to recruit and support volunteers. Celina, who grew up in the forests of Lincoln Park, will be examining the ways in which off leash dog activity degrades urban forests, including the public health effects. Dog feces spread infectious organisms, many people, especially children are frightened of uncontrolled dogs, and uncontrolled dogs may injure other park visitors (including other dogs). Her findings will be very useful to us as in increasing public awareness of the need to keep dogs on leash in Lincoln Park. 

If you see a couple of hard working women engaged in invasive removal in the park, welcome them and thank them for their important contributions to the health of Lincoln Park!

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