Thursday, January 7, 2016

What’s with the snow fence in the woods!?

In the forest just west of the north parking lot you may have noticed a couple of lengths of snow fence and lots of new plants.  

If you walk that area regularly, you may have also noticed over the last several years that the area was being trampled.  Park users leave their cars and follow faint trails into the woods, which then become bigger trails, leaving more and more bare soil, dead plants and a mish mash of crisscrossing social trails.  

We want to thank the Park Department’s Natural Area Crew, lead by Eric Sterner, for their help in trying to solve that problem.  After consulting with Sue Brimhall and Sharon Baker, volunteer forest stewards, and with Phil Renfrow, head gardener for the SW District, Eric’s crew began what will be a long process of protecting and restoring that area.  With Natural Area Crew support, we will be decreasing the number of social trails and replanting the area.

We don’t want to prevent access to Lincoln’s beautiful forests, but we don’t want them loved to death!  As the beautiful signs just off the north and south parking lots, donated to the park by Seattle Nature Alliance say, “The forest floor is alive!”  

We want to keep it that way. 

Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
Friends of Lincoln Park
206.464.1068 cell


  1. Thanks for helping care for our precious Lincoln Park, Sharon, Eric, and Natural Area Crew! - Karen C.

  2. Great work, thanks for sharing the reason for the fence. How long will it be up?