Sunday, December 18, 2016

Thanks to Gatewood Elementary 4th Graders!

Hi Elsa, I wanted to say again how much the Friends of Lincoln Park appreciate the great work your fourth grade students did on Wednesday. You have done such a good job of teaching your students about the threats to urban forests from invasive plants and how to deal with those threats. I was very impressed with your students' knowledge. 
Photo by Amanda Randow (click to enlarge)
Photo by Sarah Morrison
The students did a great job of putting their knowledge to use, on the ground. They worked hard and accomplished a lot! And I think they had fun doing the work. 
Photo by Amanda Randow
I really enjoyed working with the students, parents and teachers from Gatewood Elementary! They are a great group of "Ecowarriors"! 
Photo by Meagan Kirby
I look forward to working with the Gatewood team again. - Sharon

Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
Friends of Lincoln Park
206.464.1068 cell

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