Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year Friends of Lincoln Park!

Our first work party of 2013 is coming up soon. As has been the case for the past several years, in 2013 we will continue to do two work parties a month, on the first Saturday (first time removal) and third Sunday (maintenance). Make the work parties a habit this year! It's a great way to actuate your New Years resolutions---get a good green work out and work to make your community (and the planet) more livable.
       Saturday, January 5th (2013) 9am to noon
       Meet at the kiosk in the north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St)
       Dress in NW layers (warm and dry) with sturdy shoes or boots
If it's not to wet, we'll be helping Michael with some blackberry removal (bring leather gloves, if you have them). You will be amazed to see what Michael has accomplished! Otherwise, we'll continue in the area mapped as H2 (google "earthcorp interactive habitat map"). If you can't meet us at 9am, check the kiosk map to see where we are or call me at 206 464 1068.  Rain is no problem, but we do cancel for high wind warnings.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Last Chance to Help Lincoln Park in 2012!

Sunday, Dec 16, 9am to noon. Join the Friends of Lincoln Park for our last work party of the year. We will be doing invasive plant removal in our beautiful forest. Meet at the kiosk in the north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St). Dress in NW layers to stay dry and warm with sturdy shoes or boots. Contact Sharon 206.464.1068 (If you arrive a little late, please refer to the Kiosk for directions on where we will be working)

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Great Time to Work in the Woods.

Sunday, 11-18-12 from 9am to noon.
Hey Friends of Lincoln Park, didn't we have a fabulous Green Seattle Day (11-3-12)!  We had 35-40 volunteers, including a wonderful, hardworking group of kindergardeners (the park stewards of the future). We got about 300 plants in the ground. But we've got more to plant. We've picked out a nice little wet area to remove invasives and plant some lady ferns and what ever else we can find. That's our next work party!
Sunday, Nov 18th, 9am to noon
Meet at the kiosk in the north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St).
Dress in NW layers (think warm and dry) with sturdy shoes or boots
Rain never stops us, but watch the weather, we do cancel for high wind warnings (to dangerous in the trees). 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lincoln Park Thanks YOU!

Thanks to everyone for joining us during our Green Seattle Day event at Lincoln Park! We had over 35 volunteers, including lots of young 'forest stewards'. The rain held out and everyone chipped in and helped find a good home for over 250 trees and plants at our chosen restoration site.

In addition to all the GSD sponsors, we'd like to send special thanks to Green Seattle Partnership, Forterra, Seattle Parks and Starbucks for their help and support.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Green Seattle Day!

Saturday, Nov 3, 10am to 2pm
GREEN SEATTLE DAY, hosted by Green Seattle Partnership is our big planting day of the year! We've worked hard to prepare the site and we'll have about 250 plants, trees and lots of mulch. Starbucks is providing us with coffee and rumor has it Lisa and Sharon are planning to bake, so should be a very fun time! You can register here for this event. Note that the work party starts at 10am, not 9am)
Here are the details:
Saturday, Nov 3, 10am to 2pm
Meet at the kiosk in the north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St)
Dress in NW layers with rain gear and strudy shoes/boots
We'll have tools and gloves, or bring your own
We'll be planting on the north side of trail 9 in the middle of the park. If you're late, check the map in the kiosk to see where we are (we'll have it marked). Hope you can join us! Contact Sharon 206.464.1068, or Lisa 248.506.7155,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Early Turnout Means Your Vote for Lincoln Park!

Sunday, October 21st, 9am-Noon 
November holds a lot of importance for Seattle. For Lincoln Park, it’s the time to plant! Join the Friends of Lincoln Park as we prepare another site for planting in November (Green Seattle Day is 11-03-12) by removing invasive plants on Sunday, Oct. 21, 9am-noon.

Meet at the kiosk in the north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St). Dress in NW layers with sturdy shoes or boots. Bring clippers and gloves or we’ll supply them for you. Get a healthy green workout! Contact Sharon 206.464.1068, or Lisa 248.506.7155,

Monday, September 17, 2012

Field Trip!

 “What’s Happening in Lincoln Park?” 
Everybody knows what’s NOT happening in Lincoln Park, a zip line! Thanks West Seattle! But what’s up with all those piles of brush and ivy? Join Lincoln Park volunteer forest stewards Lisa McGinty and Sharon Baker on September 29th, (10am to noon) to learn more about the park and the forest restoration efforts by Friends of Lincoln Park. The Park has a beautiful palette of native plants, learn more about them. But it also has lots of non-native, invasive plants.  Learn what you can do to help with invasive removal as you walk in Lincoln. It takes a community to restore and maintain a park! Contact Sharon at 206 464 1068 or

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It seems that everyone gets the gardening bug in the spring. While this might be a good time to plant ornamental annuals, plants planted in the spring require watering and fertilizing. Sustainable gardeners in the know choose plants native to western Washington in order to reduce the amount of water and fertilizer required. And, contrary to what most think, the best time of year to plant these native plants is in the fall.

“Planting natives in the fall during their dormant period ensures plants have time to establish a full root system. This means less watering during the hotter spring and summer months!” says Washington Native Plant Society Nursery Manager Tom Johnson.

To help get the word out about fall planting, the Central Puget Sound Chapter of the Washington Native Plant Society will be hosting a Fall Planting Celebration on September 22, 2012, from 10 AM to 4 PM at Magnuson Park in Seattle, Washington. The Celebration will be a fun and educational event:
  • If you’re interested in purchasing some new plants for your garden, Chapter volunteers will hold a Native Bulb, Seed, and Plant Sale.
  • The end of summer and early fall is the best time of year to collect and sow native seeds. Jeannie Taylor, Retired Seattle Plant Propagator and Senior Gardener, will show how to collect and sow seeds as part of free Plant Propagation Demonstrations. 
  • To address your questions about preparing your garden for the winter, native plant experts from WNPS will be on hand and informational books will be for sale.
  • Want to see what a successful native plant garden looks like? Volunteers will offer free tours of the Native Plant Border at Magnuson Park.

Native Plants are Beautiful in the Spring…But They Flourish in the Fall

If you’d like more information about this topic, or would like to schedule an interview please call Rick Thompson at 425-582-2477. Email:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Work Party Sunday, 8-19

Hey Friends of Lincoln Park, third Sunday coming up and time for a maintenance work party in Lincoln Park. Here are details:

        Sunday, August 19th from 9am to noon
        Meet at the kiosk in the north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St)
        Long pants and sleeves recommended, in spite of the heat (brambles). Also sturdy shoes or boots.
        Water is a good idea!

Not sure where we'll be working, but suspect there might be more to do in the north border area. Would be good to get the weeds before they go to seed! Sharon
Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
206.464.1068 cell