Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Maintenance

Spring Greetings Friends of Lincoln Park, Indian plum, flowering red current, coltsfoot, and now trillium, the subtle spring flowering of Lincoln Park. And I think the eagles are up to something too. Come and enjoy the resurgence of life at Lincoln! And get your green workout and eco credits at the same time. Our next work party is:

     Sunday, March 17th, 9am to noon
     Meet at the kiosk in the north parking lot (Fauntleroy Way SW and SW Rose St)
     Dress in NW layers for dry and warm with sturdy shoes or boots

We will be doing maintenance, going back to areas previously placed in restoration, to catch the new invaders. We've got an infestation of poison hemlock to deal with, along with the usual suspects!  If you miss us at 9am, check the kiosk map to see where we are or call Sharon at 206 464 1068.