Sunday, November 26, 2017

Saturday work party 12/2/17

Greetings Friends of Lincoln Park! These rainy days it's harder to get an outdoor workout, but if you've got a worthwhile job to do, that helps. We've got just the motivation for you. We've made so much progress removing invasive plants and planting natives in Lincoln Park, but there's more work to do. Join us for a robust workout! Great for kids too!
  • Saturday, Dec 2, 9am to noon
  • Meet near the north parking lot kiosk (Fauntleroy Way SW & SW Rose St)
  • Dress in NW layers to stay warm and dry, with sturdy shoes or boots
If you miss us at 9am, check the map in the kiosk to see where we are working or call me at 206 464 1068. Sharon

Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
Friends of Lincoln Park
206.464.1068 cell

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Sunday work party 11/19/17

Greetings Friends of Lincoln Park, we've got a work party coming up. These cold wet days make it harder to get out in nature, get some exercise and regain your perspective (forests do that for lots of people). We'll try to make it easier for you with a worthwhile, focused task.
  • Sunday, Nov 19, 9am to noon
  • Meet near north parking lot kiosk (Fauntleroy Way SW & SW Rose St)
  • Dress in NW layers to stay warm and dry, with sturdy shoes or boots
Saturday, the 4th, was Green Seattle Day. Below is a report for the city from the Green Seattle Partnership (our umbrella). We had a great day at Lincoln--it didn't rain! And in addition, we put in close to 300 plants with 30 excellent volunteers. Thanks so much to our regulars, who kept the project on track, and to the new recruits, who brought in such great energy. Come on back and help us put new areas into restoration and maintain our gains! - Sharon

Volunteer Forest Steward
Friends of Lincoln Park

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Green Seattle Day in Lincoln Park 2017

I spent the week before Green Seattle Day, November 4th, worrying about rain. That was the forecast! But we stayed dry through the entire 3 hours we spent planting natives on Saturday. Amazing how staying dry when you expect rain can boost your spirits. But our spirits were primarily boosted by the fabulous group of 30 people who came out to show Lincoln Park some love.
Lincoln Park_Jenny_Riffle (2)
Many of the volunteers were old friends, who have been volunteering and appreciating Lincoln Park for years. Some were new to the park, and we did our best to persuade them that they should come back.
Lincoln Park_Jenny_Riffle (3)
They were a hardworking, skilled group and did an excellent job of planting and mulching 280 plants in 3 different areas of the park.
Lincoln Park_Jenny_Riffle (8)
 The Friends of Lincoln Park has been engaged in forest restoration for the past 12 years. With the help of EarthCorps and professional restoration crews on the steep slopes, we’ve put better than half of the 80 acres of forest in the park into restoration. Notice I don’t say we’ve “restored” the forest. The natural world is dynamic. In a city in particular, with lots of sources of invasive plants, maintenance is critical. During 2017, we’ve focused our twice monthly work parties on going back to areas previously worked to do maintenance.
Lincoln Park_Jenny_Riffle (4)
Our plantings reflected that work, in that we were primarily infilling areas in which we had previously planted. Many people think of forest restoration as planting trees. Lincoln Park is well endowed with trees (about 4500 individuals), so our focus was on the critical lower layers of the ecosystem. We planted ferns and shrubs.
Lincoln Park_Jenny_Riffle (11)
Actually, our Green Seattle Work began a week earlier on October 27th . Fifty three gung ho fifth graders from Gatewood Elementary School put in 60 ferns and 60 ninebark cuttings! Last year, when they were 4th graders, the kids had removed invasives from the area they planted. What a wonderful community we live in! Loving Lincoln Park brings us together! - Sharon
Lincoln Park_Jenny_Riffle (5)

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Sharon Baker
Volunteer Forest Steward
Friends of Lincoln Park
206.464.1068 cell

All pictures on this page were taken by Jenny Riffle, © Green Seattle Partnership